Thursday, 31 May 2018

Art - My two favourite pieces of art

In art this term we have been working on all different types of art. I have choose to show my two favourite pieces. We have been focusing on our shading in art. The shading is probably the most complected part of the art. I choose my robot artwork because I worked really hard on the drawing and took my time shading and making sure I caught the light on the right angle. I also choose my fish hook necklace drawing because it was probably one of the most complicated things to draw. I found it hard to draw because of all the curves. I really like both of these pieces of art and think I did a good job. Overall I enjoyed the art module and have gained skills from this class.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Robotics - Robotics and Progaraming

In my robotics and programming class I am learning how to use my programming knowledge to design a mars lander.

The design process is a series of steps used to come up with a solution for a problem. Most of the time the solution involves designing a product that meets a certain criteria. We have designed and sketched what we would like our robots to look like. We researched all about mars landers to find the information we needed to design our robots.  Over the weeks we have tested all three of the robots we will be using. We have created a prototype of what we want our robot to look like. My group is using a sphero. The cage that will sit over our sphero will have wheels to help it function properly. The design process is a long hard process that is required for most things you use.
The terrain in mars is rocky, with volcano's, canons and craters all over it. Mars temperature is something below minus 80 Fahrenheit. The freezing cold would affect my mars my design by freezing it. If it was frozen the cameras would freeze and you wouldn't be able to take any photos or videos. It could also freeze all of the mechanical things inside of it wich would break it and stop it from moving. I am going to design my mars lander to be able to move over rocky, sandy ground. It will have cameras that can not be frozen. It will be built out of materials that can not freeze so that all of the mechanical things on the inside will not break and continue to work smoothly.
We have been learning how to control our mars lander robots online. We have been maneuvering the mars lander over mars terrain. We moved it back and forth and turned the mars lander around to navigate over the terrain. We have also been looking at all the different cameras to get all sorts of angles. I personally like using the mars lander app as it develops new skills.
Our robot will navigate around on mars because of its structure. It has four sturdy wheels and a solid structure that will get it through all of mars’s terrain.  


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

NZL - Art and Culture Identity

This term we have been focusing on two topics one of them being Art and Culture Identity. We have done multiple activity's to do with the culture of New Zealand art. One of the  activity's we have recently completed is a digital piece of art work showing New Zealand's culture. I choose pictures that really show what New Zealand is and was like. I added in photos of the scenery, animals, sport, history, art and music culture and many more things that show our culture.

I choose these photos because they represent New Zealand culture. I choose to put in photos of New Zealand scenery because that is a big part of New Zealand and people all over the world travel to take pictures of this beautiful country. I added in pictures of animals that are significant in New Zealand. I choose to put in some photos of Maori patters and koru because they are important to our history and culture. I have a photo of the treaty of waitangi because that is a big part of New Zealand's history. In New Zealand sport is a big thing that is praised by many and is a big part of of country. I have also added some pictures of famous New Zealand Artist because music is a big part of our culture. I have also inc operated the New Zealand flag and a photo of what New Zealand looks like.  I added in many more photos of things that may not look important to others but in New Zealand it is a big part of our culture. Here is my finished piece of art.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

NZL - Trip to Kamara

I really enjoyed our trip to Kumra! Kumara is a small town on the way to Christchurch. We did all sorts of activities in Kumara. We started off with the walk. I found it quit boring how all we did was walk to a massive rock and back. On the way back from the rock I learnt that someone brought a big rock for $50,000. The rock was on a mountain and rolled down into a house in the Christchurch earthquake. It now sits on top of a mountain and is called rocky. We did this walk with three teachers, Mrs Halls, Mrs Donovan and Miss Hamilton. Mrs Donovan talked about the rock and how it got there the whole walk with a good Irish accent. The walk we done was called "The London Dariy rock". The second thing we did was create acts for pieces of wring about Greymouth. We did these acts in the old Kumara swimming baths. We did this activity with Miss Evans and Miss Quinnell. I didn't really enjoy this activity. My shoes got completely wet and all my group didn't do the activity we were supposed to do. I found out that back in the day men and women were not aloud to swim together. They had separate parts of the pool that they were aloud to swim in. I might add as well that the part the women got was smaller then what the men had got. Our third activity was was fun games with Mr Mcdonald and Mr Dagoldi. We did the games out the back of the Kumara hall. My team won the river crossing. We didn't do to well with the launching activity though. Our last activity was the quiz about Kumara. I didn't particularly enjoy the quiz. I also do not remember anything from it. We did the quiz with Mrs Birmingham and Mrs Quick. We did the quiz over where all the big signs of information about Kumara were. My favourite activity was the games because Mr Dagoldi kept giving me handfuls if lollies. Overall I quite enjoyed the day.

Friday, 6 April 2018

NZL - #lovegreymouth

This is a poster that my group and I created. We made this poster about Grey mouth to show off some of the good and positive things about our small town. After periods of work we are excited to share with you our finished poster. We won first place for our poster and we are all very pleased with that!!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

English - My hero


                                        My hero

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts

For Wearable this year we did the Holi festival. The Holi festival is held in India and Nepal. It is a festival fulled with colour. The Holi festival started in 1933 and continues on to this day. Holi is a Hindu festival to celebrate the beginning of spring. People throw powdered colour at each other and have a lot of fun doing it. Our dress looks simple but technical at the same time. Our dress is made out of newspaper, chicken wire, hair chalk and new world bags. For our skirt we have ironed new world bags together and sewn on coloured origami butterflies. Our top is made from chicken wire and has strips of new world bags weaved through the wire. We have then hot glued origami butterflies, some are coloured some aren't. To tie the back up we laced it with blue ribbon. We shaped cardboard into a cylinder and then paper mached it. To finish the bag off we painted on thin strips of glitter and added two colored butterflies. I think the thing we didn't do so well was manage our time and kept changing our ideas. If we had another chance I think we would all probably change nothing about our costume we would just make sure we made our minds up earlier about the costume and sopped changing our ideas. We really enjoyed making the dress and also presenting it to the judges and everyone who came to the show. We placed 3rd and we were really proud. Here is a few pictures and our booklet.