Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Wearable Arts

For Wearable this year we did the Holi festival. The Holi festival is held in India and Nepal. It is a festival fulled with colour. The Holi festival started in 1933 and continues on to this day. Holi is a Hindu festival to celebrate the beginning of spring. People throw powdered colour at each other and have a lot of fun doing it. Our dress looks simple but technical at the same time. Our dress is made out of newspaper, chicken wire, hair chalk and new world bags. For our skirt we have ironed new world bags together and sewn on coloured origami butterflies. Our top is made from chicken wire and has strips of new world bags weaved through the wire. We have then hot glued origami butterflies, some are coloured some aren't. To tie the back up we laced it with blue ribbon. We shaped cardboard into a cylinder and then paper mached it. To finish the bag off we painted on thin strips of glitter and added two colored butterflies. I think the thing we didn't do so well was manage our time and kept changing our ideas. If we had another chance I think we would all probably change nothing about our costume we would just make sure we made our minds up earlier about the costume and sopped changing our ideas. We really enjoyed making the dress and also presenting it to the judges and everyone who came to the show. We placed 3rd and we were really proud. Here is a few pictures and our booklet.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Work book week 3, term 3

This week for or probability work book we are working on ratio. We have a series of different activities to do with ratio by the end of the week. Im finding ratio easy in the short amount of time we have  been learning it. Here is my workbook.


Friday, 23 June 2017

Wook book

This week in maths we had to complete a maths book. We had to do activities on shapes like naming polygons and naming quadrilaterals. We had to do six pages of work and it wasn't that hard to do but finding the names and pictures to match was quiet difficult when you are not one hundred percent on quadrilaterals and polygons. Here is my work book.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Weekly revision week 7

This week in class we have been working on reports with our buddy's. My buddy Maya and I have decided to do our report on the human eye. We are writing three paragraphs about the eye iris, pupil and the sclera. We haven't yet started on on our piece of writing but we have been working on our plan at the moment. We have just began our plan and it is going quite well. This piece of writing is really fun to learn about. Here is our plan on our writing.